Albariño (White): Castell de Raimat


This white wine is unbeatable. If you’re looking for an alternative to pedestrian Chardonnay, this white wine will make you want to sing from the rooftops!

Albariño is dry, with notes of melon and citrus like grapefruit. Very aromatic, Albariño has a light mineral edge and has good acidity, making it perfect for a variety of summer favorites.


Price: ~$11.99

Pairing Suggestions

  • Fish, especially cod, other white fish, shrimp, and crab (shellfish)
  • Pastas (tomato-based or not)
  • Salad (this wine is acidic enough to stand up to dressing!)
  • Roasted vegetables
  • Poultry


  • TastefullyGrace: 88/100
  • Wine Spectator: unrated
  • Wine Advocate: unrated
  • Wine Enthusiast: unrated



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