No-Hassle How to Slice An Avocado

Stay slim by eating fat! Don’t let fat scare you! Avo-got-you. Wow, that was a bad joke.

Don’t know how to cut an avocado without making a royal mess? I’ve got the fool proof method for you today. The perfect addition to any salad or summer salsa, or just to eat alone (yes, I do this), avocado can be cut like a pro using these simple steps.

Please your doctor and your tummy with this healthy fat and my tips to not make a mess while you’re at it!

P.S. Stay tuned for a delicious guacamole recipe coming your way soon!


The Ingredients

Avocados (the more the merrier)

TIP: choose avocadoes that have a slight give when pressed. If they’re too ripe, it is difficult to get in-tact slices. If you are making something where slices aren’t needed (such as guacamole), more give is good!

The Steps

With a sharp knife, cut the avocado from skin to core the length-wise. The avocado should be cut around the entire circumference.

Pull two halves apart. One half should have the pit still attached. Horizontally whack blade of knife into pit, and the knife should lift the pit out with ease!

To make thin slices of avocado, place an avocado half, flesh side up, on the cutting board. With the skin of the avocado still intact, run tip of knife through avocado to make even slices

Lift the slices out of the skin, with a spoon, by scooping the avocado out like you’re scooping a pumpkin!

Bam! Enjoy.

The Steps with Video

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